What is the cost?

Have you ever truly thought about how much it really costs you to smile at someone? Or maybe how many seconds you might lose on your way to work, to let another driver (notice I didn’t say car) pull in front of you to get around the wreck on the highway. Or maybe how much of a percentage of your day would be spent to say thank you and a few kind words of conversation with the girl scanning your purchased goods at the store? When you stop and really put a quantity on it, it becomes clear how small an amount of effort it is.

Oh, but for such a small amount of effort, the return is immeasurable. We all see how cruel and mean and hurtful this world is getting…if we all were intentional about in investing in some small kind acts throughout our days, imagine the change we could make.

God bless.


I am a son of God who is also a husband, father of five, grandfather of five ( with more on the way). I am a man broken by sin. Through the grace of God, and the death of His son Jesus, I am made whole. I have asked Jesus into my heart, to be my savior, and now I have hope for an eternity with my Lord and savior Jesus and my Heavenly Father.

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