Is it a hug, or a wrestling match?

Stop and think about you and your life with God. How does it look? Is it a warm, loving, heartfelt, embrace that you never want to end? Or does it lean more to the rolling on the floor, pulling, biting, scratching, clawing, painful wrestling match that you just have to win?

I know that even if yours is closer to the first example, there will be times when you revert to a season that is more like the second. Simply, stop, recognize, ask for forgiveness, and then ask for a hug.

There are times in my life when I have been in desperate need of the reassurance of His love, that I have felt a warmth and calming peacefulness, like a soft blanket on a chilly night.

There are other times when I have fought against His will. Struggled against what I know to be right. Those times, not only did the pain become real in my life, but I thought I felt drops of water hit my heart. It was though God were crying and I felt His tears.

Through the years I have learned that you will lose when you wrestle with God, but He is always there with the hug of a loving father when you admit you are wrong and ask him to forgive you.

I pray for you all, and myself, to have the courage and wisdom to always seek out the will of God and not wrestle against it, but instead that we embrace it and let Him embrace us. Amen


I am a son of God who is also a husband, father of five, grandfather of five ( with more on the way). I am a man broken by sin. Through the grace of God, and the death of His son Jesus, I am made whole. I have asked Jesus into my heart, to be my savior, and now I have hope for an eternity with my Lord and savior Jesus and my Heavenly Father.

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